Dr. Sriparna Dutta Profile

Dr. Sriparna Dutta is a member of Green Chemistry Network Centre (GCNC), D.U. She completed her graduation from Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi in the year 2011 and post-graduation from Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi in 2013. She is the recipient of Prof. K.N. Johri Memorial Gold Medal (awarded by D.U.) for being the university topper with inorganic specialization. After successfully earning her bachelor and master degree, she joined Prof. R.K. Sharma’s research group in September, 2013 in D.U. in order to pursue her doctoral studies. Ever since then, she has been working under Prof. Sharma with utmost dedication and sincerity. Her research efforts are directed towards the design and synthesis of magnetically retrievable core-shell structured nanocatalysts and their use in various organic transformations. As a result of her untiring efforts, she has been able to publish research as well as review articles in top ranking international journals such as Green Chemistry (RSC), ACS Omega (ACS), Dalton Transactions (RSC), New Journal of Chemistry (RSC), Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (ACS), Journal of Material Science (Springer), Journal of Co-ordination Chemistry (Taylor & Francis) etc. Apart from this, she also has been involved in writing book chapters for RSC Green Chemistry Series and she was even the content writer for modules (subject: Bio-inorganic Chemistry) under e-PG pathshala, UGC. She has assisted Prof. Sharma in organizing several conferences/workshops of both national as well as international stature. She won the first oral prize in “International Conference on Advances in Chemical Sciences and Allied Fields of Science, Health, Education & Environment” held on 8th-10th March, 2018 at Career College Bhopal and Indo-UK Scoping Workshop on Development of Rural Biorefineries in India: From Waste to Wealth” that was by organized by GCCE, University of York, GCNC, D.U. and TERI and sponsored by BBSRC Grand Challenges Research Fund. Also, she was awarded the first poster prize in (i) “International Workshop on Green Initiatives in Energy, Environment & Health” (2-3 December, 2013) jointly organized with GCCE, TERI & GBU at Hotel Maidens, Delhi and (ii) “National conference on Environmental Sustainability in Wastewater Remediation: Current Status and Future Prospects” organized by Sri Venkateswara College in association with Royal Society of Chemistry London North India Section on 20th January, 2017.