Dr. Kanika Solanki Profile

Dr. Kanika Solanki is working as Research Associate under the guidance of Prof. R.K. Sharma in DST project entitled “Designing and synthesis of ….different charged waste water.” Her working area includes synthesis, designing and applications of chelating resins and nano-adsorbents. She has completed her Ph. D and Master’s Degree (Inorganic Chemistry) from Govt. Dungar College, M.G.S, University, Bikaner. She is graduated from Govt. Maharani Sudharna College, University of Bikaner, Bikaner. She worked as Lecturer in Govt. College of Engineering and Technology, Bikaner and Govt. Engineering College Bikaner. She also worked as Senior Research Fellow in Rajasthan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Bikaner.

kanika solanki