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A recently constituted Green Chemistry Chapter of the American Chemical Society-Green Chemistry Institute in the Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, has already started working to popularize Green Chemistry in India. As a part of this effort, a National Symposium on Green Chemistry was organized by the Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi in January 1999 to bring together all those who are practicing Green Chemistry in India for the first time. For Green Chemistry Education, a refresher course was organized for college teachers by the Centre for Professional Development in Higher Education in the University of Delhi. Inspired by overwhelming response of participants in these events, a IUPAC International Symposium on Green Chemistry was organized in 2001 by the Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, which proved to be an excellent event for scientists world over to interact on one common platform. One significant theme that had emerged out of these meetings is the need for additional focused training and workshops for educators and researchers in India to convene so that mechanisms for the principles of green chemistry can be instituted in the laboratory and the classroom and eventually the industry. As a first step towards this, the first workshop on Green Chemistry sponsored by Indo-US S&T Forum was organized in November 2003 and this workshop was conducted with the help of Green Chemistry Institute, Washington in which the Nepal Green Chemistry Chapter also participated. This workshop was addressed by world leaders in Green Chemistry from US including Professor Paul Anastas (known as the Father of Green Chemistry). A panel of these world leaders recommended that rather than the creation of one centre of excellence in Green Chemistry in India; coordination centre between the networks of different centers is needed. They remarked that the excellence in coordination and leadership shown in this workshop can act as a template for the networking. The panel further recommended that this event be built into a network where all participants drawn from different Institutes, Universities and Industries must be involved in furtherance of Green Chemistry, and Green Chemistry Chapter in the Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi should act as a nodal center to initiate and sustain such coordinated activities.

As a follow-up of these recommendations, the Indian Green Chemistry Chapter began working for networking and Green Chemistry education. To sustain such activities a proposal for the Indo-US networking was submitted to American Chemical Society under GCI-DEN Grant for developing countries. Green Chemistry Institute of American Chemical Society recognized our efforts and awarded 2005, 2006 and 2007 IUPAC CHEMRAWN GCI-DEN Grant for activating the networking process.

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